Newsec Property Outlook Finland 2016 Spring

Executive Summary


The property market activity that started in 2014 continued to rise in 2015, exceeding many people’s expectations. The volume of large transactions came close to record years 2006 - 2007 with the transaction volume reaching near 5,5 billion euros. The investment activity is expected to remain relatively high this year, despite the fact that Finland’s economic indicators seem weak and the commercial premises tenant market is weak.

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3-5 Executive Summary

6-7 Finland's recovery to take years

8-25 Real Estate Markets
8 Main Investment Markets in Western Europe
9-11 Newsec Tenant Outlook

12-25 Real Estate Markets in Finland
12-13 The Helsinki Metropolitan Area
14-15 Helsinki City Centre
16-17 Tampere
18-19 Turku
20-21 Oulu
22-24 Other cities
25 Ongoing projects

26-27 Effect of demographic factors on the Housing Market

28 Information about Newsec

29 Newsec in Finland