Newsec Property Outlook 

The future workplace


Newsec Property Outlook gives you the latest analysis of the property market in northern Europe. The spring edition 2017 also offers an in-depth analysis of the office market, discussing efficiency improvements, conversions, specific projects, rent level development and expectations for the future. 

Newsec Property Outlook Spring Edition 2017

  • Rising global growth - but significant political uncertainty
  • Continued good growth in Sweden - driven by private consumption and investment needs
  • Continued low interest rates - but slowly rising
  • High savings - lack of high-yield options


Newsec Property Outlook describes and predicts the property market and its sub-segments in northern Europe. The report is free to download and has been published twice a year since 2001. Newsec Property Outlook has become a practical tool for investors, property owners and tenants within real estate. Every six months, the report provides an overview of Newsec’s perception of macroeconomic tendencies and the property market development.

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