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Newsec – The Full Service Property House

Newsec provides full service real estate business solutions for investors, owners, and anyone letting business premises. Our comprehensive property advisory service supports our clients in real estate transactions, leasing, real estate appraisals and various real estate specialist services, such as creating strategies for business premises and properties, managing business premises and space planning. Our Property Asset Management division provides expertise in real estate financial administration, and in managing properties and real estate assets.

Newsec was established in Sweden, and now operates in seven market areas with a total staff of about 2,000 people. More than 529 top real estate professionals staff our operations in Finland.

Our services in finland

Real estate transactions: Are you buying or selling real estate? We serve as agents in the sale of business premises, residential properties or buildings for lease throughout Finland, and we also advise real estate purchasers. Our Capital Markets team mainly works in the international real estate investment market, whereas our Commercial Brokerage team also brokers smaller sites in Finland. Our Investment Management team is responsible for administering entire real estate investment portfolios.

Leasing: Are you looking for new business premises? Our professional business accommodation agents locate offices, business premises, production facilities and other operating premises that match your requirements.

Property appraisals: Are you investing in real estate or developing existing property investments? We assess the current state and future of your property, conduct real estate financial analysis and market analysis, formulate real estate investment strategies, and assist in commercial business surveys as part of real estate deals.

Specialist real estate services for businesses: Is your business seeking operating premises or better working conditions? Newsec specialists are available for various assignments, such as formulating strategies for operating premises and real estate from the perspective of property users. Our specialists will take charge of managing premises, assist in finding new operating locations, and enhance working conditions and support staff management in evolving circumstances.

Managing property assets: Are you looking for help in administering your real estate holdings? Our property asset management specialists can assume full responsibility for an individual property or real estate portfolio. We also formulate market-oriented real estate investment strategies, and we assist in both new and existing real estate development projects at various stages from initial project planning to final opening and site maintenance.

Financial administration of real estate holdings: Do your properties require broad expertise in financial administration? Newsec provides comprehensive financial administration, reporting, leasing and corporate administration services to individual property companies, holding companies and various real estate funds.

Property maintenance management: Are you seeking a professional administrator for your property? We provide versatile maintenance and property development services, resolve issues of energy consumption, analyse improvements in accountability, tackle indoor air problems, design user-oriented work environments, and assist in managing the entire life cycle of a property.

Property management: Do you need help in making your real estate portfolio more productive? Our property management professionals will assume comprehensive responsibility for your real estate portfolio, including offices, business parks, shopping centres and residences. We take responsibility for maintaining high utilisation rates, take care of leasing, identify areas for improvement, and ensure lessee satisfaction.

Sustainability and Indoor Air services: Our highly qualified team provide expert services in corporate responsibility, environment, indoor air, and energy management for the real estate sector. Our services include all major sustainability reporting programs (e.g. GRI and ISO14001) and sustainability certifications (e.g. LEED, BREEAM, WELL, RTS) for properties and climate change management services. Our indoor air services include investigation and analysis of indoor environment to improve property occupant satisfaction. We also provide energy management services including energy surveys, improving energy efficiency and feasibility studies for renewable energy options (e.g. solar panels) for individual properties and portfolios. 

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