Sustainable investing has become an integral part of the values and strategy of the biggest businesses in real estate. Climate change concerns have brought the subject to the centre of pension fund investment policies, in particular, and it is becoming more and more mainstream.

Energy-efficiency is naturally important in real estate, as buildings make up more than 40 per cent of energy consumption in Finland and account for nearly 40 per cent of emissions. Therefore sustainability is a permanent and growing trend in property investments from the point of view of energy-efficiency, sustainable development, resource efficiency, recycling and re-use, circular economy and user wellbeing. Various measures, indicators and certifications are being developed at a growing speed to monitor and manage responsibility issues.

Access to comparable data and tools to develop operations are improving on both international and national level.

"In Finland, real estate energy-efficiency agreements coordinated by the government as well as corporate responsibility report recommendations by RAKLI (The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients) and KTI (KTI Property Information Ltd) have standardised industry practices. A half of industry players who replied in the KTI barometer had decided to certify all of their buildings in the next five years," says Silja Nopanen, Senior Manager & Team Leader, Sustainability, at Newsec.

For Newsec, sustainability means making measurable commitments

At Newsec, sustainability is a natural part of business from the point of view of society, the environment as well as the economy. Newsec's operations are based on the idea that everyone is equal and that a supportive work environment and equal treatment have a tremendous impact on wellbeing at work. Sustainability matters are also comprehensively communicated to the staff.

One concrete measure in our sustainable development were the responsibility commitments that Newsec revealed at the beginning of 2019. Some of the issues covered by the commitments include the development of worksite waste recycling, offering renewable energy to client assets under our technical management, energy consumption estimates as a part of property valuation processes and improving waste stream management in office and residential properties.

"Concrete sustainability commitments support a deeper reflection of each employee's responsibility values in their own work. We are all experts in our own work and therefore we are in the best position to recognise the most effective ways to improve sustainability in our work," says Anna Aaltonen, Sustainability Advisor at Newsec.

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