Simo Vilhunen becomes Head of the Capital Markets team

Following the appointment of Mikko Tenhola as Head of Newsec Advisory in Finland, his former position as Head of the Newsec Capital Markets team will be taken by Newsec Advisory Partner Simo Vilhunen, M. Sc. (Eng.) as of 1 August 2019.

"Simo has been working at Newsec for nearly nine years. He has a firm grasp of property transactions and is also very well known to both Finnish and international real estate investors. It's great news that we can promote such a superb new leader from within the Capital Markets team, and I am sure that it will go from strength to strength with Simo in charge," Mikko Tenhola says.

"It's a great honour to be appointed Head of the Capital Markets team and to continue working with our talented team in a new capacity. Newsec's customer-centred, staff-oriented and highly enterprising culture provides a firm foundation for long-term business, and I am looking forward to working with other teams in promoting our entire Advisory business throughout Northern Europe," Simo Vilhunen adds.

Simo Vilhunen ja Esa Pentikäinen
Simo Vilhunen and Esa Pentikäinen

Esa Pentikäinen becomes Vice Head of the Commercial Brokerage team

Newsec Advisory Partner Esa Pentikäinen, M. Sc. has been appointed Vice Head of Newsec's Commercial Brokerage team as of 1 April 2019.

"Esa has been successfully involved in property transactions for a decade, and this appointment includes the role of managing property transaction brokers in the Helsinki Commercial Brokerage team," explains Head of Commercial Brokerage and Leasing Matti Ahrelma.

"It has become increasingly important to strengthen our management resources in an expanding team, and we welcome Esa's ability in this respect. I am also very pleased that we have been able to provide career advancement opportunities for our own staff," Matti Ahrelma continues.

"I am flattered at this opportunity and delighted to accept it. I joined the Commercial Brokerage team about three years ago, and most of the team and I had already known each other long before I came to Newsec. Our team's rock-solid expertise and a great spirit will also continue to ensure the success of both our customers and our team in the future," Esa Pentikäinen says.

For further details, please contact:
Juhani Reen
Head of Newsec Advisory in Finland
Tel. +358 50 1696

Mikko Tenhola
Head of Capital Markets, Newsec Advisory in Finland
Tel. +358 40 500 1310

Matti Ahrelma
Head of Commercial Brokerage and Leasing, Newsec Advisory in Finland
Tel. +358 40 032 0999