On 1 July 2020, Esa Pentikäinen, M.Sc. (Tech), will take over the entire Newsec Commercial Brokerage team. Esa has been the team leader since spring 2019. He succeeds Matti Ahrelma, M.Sc. Both Esa Pentikäinen and Matti Ahrelma are shareholders of Newsec Advisory.

Esa Pentikäinen

Newsec's 15-person Commercial Brokerage team specialises in a wide range of property sales and purchase assignments throughout Finland, as well as the leasing of business premises outside the Helsinki metropolitan area. The Commercial Brokerage team works from three locations: Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

"Esa taking full responsibility of the Commercial Brokerage team is a natural step after about 18 months of co-leadership. I myself will continue to lead Newsec's Advisory Leasing team and manage selected transaction projects of the Commercial Brokerage team, which means that cooperation with Esa and the team will continue to be close. I wish Esa the best of success and I believe he is the right person to lead the successful operations of the team," says Matti Ahrelma.

"I can confidently continue Matti's work. Our team has experience in the most diverse projects, and we are ready to continue to serve our customers uncompromisingly, despite the challenges of the coronavirus era," says Esa Pentikäinen.

"Newsec Advisory's next generation plan will be continued when Esa Pentikäinen takes over the reins of the Commercial Brokerage team. Esa will be a professional, inspiring and good leader for the team. Matti has developed a top-notch team for Esa to continue with. Furthermore, I am very pleased that Matti will continue as the leader of the Leasing team and work with Commercial Brokerage team projects, adding his extensive experience and expertise to both teams," says Mikko Tenhola, Head of Newsec Advisory in Finland.

Additional information:
Esa Pentikäinen
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Matti Ahrelma
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