Leo Suokannas appointed as Asset Manager


M.Sc (Tech) Leo Suokannas has been appointed to a new position as Asset Manager for Newsec Property Asset Management in Finland. As Asset Manager, he will focus on the performance and continuous value creation of client’s real estate portfolios in Finland.

Additionally, he collaborates with Newsec Advisory’s Investment Management team, which is responsible for implementing comprehensively its client’s investment strategies, acquisitions and sales included.

Leo Suokannas has worked for six years at Newsec, first in the Corporate Real Estate team´s tenant representation projects and latest in the Property Development unit.

“I believe that my previous positions provide a good basis for my new role. I understand the tenants´ point of view as well as the value creation potential that can be achieved e.g. with property development. My job is to drive the assets right - go for operational efficiency and look at long-term strategy and value creation”, states Leo Suokannas.

Miro Karttunen, CEO in Newsec Property Asset Management in Finland sees that there is a big demand for asset management services in Finland. Therefore, these services will be expanded. Newsec wants to provide enhanced solutions for this as a part of the “Full Service Property House” customer promise.

“The Finnish property market is active and many international investors seek opportunities to enter the field. Many of them don´t have internal country organization in Finland and therefore they need a reliable and competent local partner who takes care of the continuous value creation of the portfolio.”

“Newsec´s comprehensive Investment and Asset Management services provides client a strong, local team of experts that execute client’s investment strategy and maximizes its profits. One, dedicated team takes care of the assets through the entire life cycle starting from acquisition, along holding period and to the divestment”, states Katariina Sarin, Head of Investment Management in Finland.


For further information, please contact
Miro Karttunen
CEO, Newsec Property Asset Management in Finland 
Tel. +358 40 193 1042