Newsec and Fujitsu strengthen cooperation


Newsec has been Fujitsu's partner in real estate and work environment matters for many years. Now Fujitsu and Newsec are strengthening and deepening their partnership in the Nordic and Baltic countries by signing a long-term partnership on real estate advisory and brokerage services.

Fujitsu has chosen Newsec to be the trusted partner in the Nordic and Baltic region for real estate and workplace advisory services. Newsec was chosen because Fujitsu wanted a partner with the best service and competence to challenge and push the company forward with their own expertise.

Trust in Newsec has been built through very successful projects over the years, which include the renegotiation of the Finnish headquarters in Valimo Park, Helsinki and the space search and contract negotiations for the new head office, the Alma building located Tallinn, Estonia. In addition, Newsec has long been responsible for managing the company's rental portfolio in Sweden.

Digitalisation is one of Newsec's priorities, and Fujitsu believes that Newsec's strong investments in digitalization and intelligent reporting solutions will also benefit Fujitsu and support management.

“One of the key qualities that Newsec have consistently demonstrated towards Fujitsu is that of trust at both the individual project and wider portfolio management levels. We are looking forward to extending our working relationship across the region as the workplace landscape continues to evolve”, says Olly Dickinson, Head of Property and Workplace Standards, Fujitsu.

Newsec enjoys Fujitsu's trust and believes in a strong partnership, as both companies have a strong desire to develop, innovate and challenge the existing and, above all, to keep the performance bar high.

“We are very excited and proud for the partnership with Fujitsu. The award of Nordic & Baltic mandate proves that we have done the right things in the past to earn the trust and we want to keep the level high in the future. It will be very interesting in coming years to face the post Covid work life and its changes with Fujitsu. Their drive towards sustainability and high employee experience are the same goals that we have at Newsec. This should benefit us both to learn and share best practices to each other,” says Ville Inkeri, Head of Corporate Real Estate, Newsec.


For more information, please contact
Ville Inkeri
Head of Corporate Real Estate