Newsec combats climate change with commitment to Net Zero Carbon Buildings


Property specialist Newsec recognises the major importance of climate change, the urgency of responsible action, and the important role of the real estate sector in tackling climate change. The real estate sector generates 39 per cent of all emissions, which is mostly from the existing building stock.

Newsec is challenging the sector to commit to reducing emissions, and has taken a step towards carbon-neutral premises by signing the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment of the World Green Building Council. This means that premises used by Newsec will be carbon neutral with respect to energy use by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, Newsec is preparing a road map specifying concrete measures, responsible individuals and a target timetable. The company will also publicly report the annual energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of its premises.

"We at Newsec in Finland are committed to a net zero carbon future in our company offices. We believe that by signing the Net Zero Carbon Building commitment we are contributing to the development towards carbon neutrality within the real estate industry. The means and methods to achieve net zero carbon buildings are already within our reach and we all have the responsibility to start using them", reminds Newsec's Silja Nopanen, Senior Advisor & Team Leader, Sustainability.

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment is an international, voluntary commitment that seeks to encourage construction and real estate organisations and cities to ensure that their building stock is carbon neutral with respect to carbon dioxide emissions from energy use by the year 2030. The energy savings and carbon dioxide emission reductions achieved will be verified by third party auditing.

For further details, please contact:
Silja Nopanen
Senior Advisor & Team Leader, Sustainability
Tel. +358 50 465 5789