Newsec partners with Nordea Life Assurance


Newsec has concluded a comprehensive property management service agreement with Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd concerning two real estate portfolios. The arrangement includes a total of 42 business properties covering nearly 280,000 square metres, and more than 1,000 dwellings spread across 15 residential units.

Newsec will supply a broad and diverse service portfolio for these properties, including financial and rent management, leasing of business and residential premises, technical building management, company administration and project management services.

"The good reputation of Newsec in the property market and its ability to provide a very extensive and versatile service portfolio from a single source were major factors in our choice of property management partner," explains Janne Sipilä, Real Estate Director, Nordea Life Assurance.

"We are delighted to embark upon this partnership, and it's great to be involved in managing and developing the property portfolios of Nordea Life Assurance," says Miro Karttunen, Head of Newsec Property Asset Management in Finland.

For further details please contact:
Miro Karttunen
Head of Newsec Property Asset Management in Finland
Tel. +358 40 193 1042

Janne Sipilä
Real Estate Director, Nordea Life Assurance
Tel. +358 50 911 0104


Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd is a financially solid Finnish life assurance company that forms part of Nordea Group, a strong European financial services provider. As part of its investment operations, Nordea Life Assurance also leases dwellings and commercial premises from the investment property portfolios that it owns and manages in Finland.