Properties play a key role in mitigating climate change


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report last week presenting two future scenarios for an increase in the global average temperature: 1.5 degrees and 2 degrees. There is no longer any room to doubt that now is the last opportunity to bring about an emission-free future for our children, and properties will play a vital role in this.

The built environment in Finland consumes about 40 per cent of total energy and generates about 40 per cent of total carbon dioxide emissions. Some 80–90 per cent of emissions from buildings arise during their use. But this is also a good thing, as we are already accustomed to making buildings more eco-efficient. The technical solutions are already available. We just have to put them into practice.

Where to get started?
Reducing the environmental impacts of buildings must be one of the first steps to take when mitigating climate change on a grand scale. The main problem building owners encounter is of where to get started. Things are already happening, but what should we prioritise? This is where Newsec can help!

Newsec has invested in developing eco-efficiency and environmental accountability with a highly motivated Sustainability & Indoor Air team of six professionals focused on finding practical solutions. We will prepare a sustainability strategy enabling you to respond to future requirements. With more than 400 property professionals in Finland and over 1,800 in the Nordic countries, the Newsec organisation continually monitors, studies and tests the latest solutions for improving eco-efficiency in buildings, selecting the latest trends and technologies and adapting them to your sustainability strategy.

As Sitra Director Mari Pantsar observes in her interview, we can envision a better future after measures have been taken: our food will be healthier, we will exercise more, and we will have a greater sense of community. Then we can bid farewell to the age of fossil fuels and stand ready for the future!

Let's get started!

For further details of improved eco-efficiency in buildings, please contact:

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