Sustainability at Newsec

At Newsec, we want to promote a more sustainable society in which we play an active role as an organization, employer and a partner. We believe that close cooperation with customers and stakeholders leads to a higher level of sustainability. We want to leave a positive impact on society by working for ecological, economic and social well-being. The basis of our sustainability actions and entire business are Newsec’s values: Passion for Colleagues and Clients, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation.

Newsec’s work on sustainability is based on our strategy and values Newsec’s work on sustainability is guided by our sustainability policy, the Newsec Code of Conduct, and our sustainability strategy, which defines our main strategic themes: sustainable solutions, expertise and well-being of people and business ethics.
Sustainability management Every year, Newsec’s teams make sustainability promises to advance our strategic sustainability goals. The Sustainability Steering Group leads Newsec's Sustainability work, and we report on the progress of Sustainability targets in our Sustainability Report.
Sustainable solutions for our customers Our biggest impact is on advancing the sustainability of our customers’ properties. We offer a variety of services directly related to sustainability. The responsibility of our procurement is guided by corporate responsibility requirements for suppliers.

Our Helsinki Headquarters is Green Office certified:

We have been part of the Green Office network managed by WWF since 2010, and our Helsinki office has been awarded the Green Office label. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our operations through the Green Office program. At the same time, we aim to raise awareness of environmental issues and their importance, for example by providing staff with useful tips to take better account of environmental issues, both at work and in their free time. Our biggest environmental impacts are related to commuting, procurement and office energy consumption. WWF regularly inspects the offices' Green Office system and grants access to the Green Office label to offices whose environmental system meets the criteria.

We are also a member of the Finnish Green Building Council.

Green Office GreenBuilding

Read more about our sustainable ways of working:

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