Residential management services

Residential management services

Newsec offers diverse housing business and building management services to professional residential investors. Our clients include various domestic and foreign residential investment funds, pension insurance companies, foundations as well as private and public organisations with significant rental housing portfolios. As an external commercial management service provider, we take care of all operations related to residential investors’ rental apartments on their behalf.  

We provide investors with a comprehensive housing portfolio management service as a turnkey solution. Our housing service offering covers an extensive range of services: building management, commercial management, leasing, technical management and corporate, financial and lease management services. 

Newsec has invested strongly in the development of digital channels associated with rental housing. In our service, you can find all apartments that are vacant or will soon be vacant. Each month, the portal attracts more than 45,000 visitors. The portal serves tenants in all rental housing matters throughout their tenancy. In addition, almost all the rental agreements managed by us are signed digitally.

The cutting-edge service model based strongly on digitality reaches tenants and people looking for a rental apartment through multiple channels, offering easy-to-use service around the clock. The statistics generated by the Kodisto portal also provide us with unique, real-time data on rental apartment search activity in different market segments. Digital housing business channels bring efficiency into property asset management, which yields tangible benefits for residential investors and a good client experience for tenants. Owner clients get nearly real-time reporting on their investments, including aspects such as occupancy rates, tenant satisfaction, service provider performance, financial management and energy-related matters.

At the moment, Newsec’s housing business professionals provide renting, building management, financial and corporate management services for already 30,000 apartments. In our business operations, our core focus areas are good tenant satisfaction, high occupancy rate and true partnership with our investor clients.

  • Why Newsec? Comprehensive, clearly priced turnkey service enabling the outsourcing of all housing portfolio operations.
  • Team of 130 dedicated housing business professionals with extensive competence and high employee satisfaction. Strong digital expertise – the Kodisto portal serves both people looking for an apartment and tenants throughout their tenancy.
  • An efficient process that aims at a high occupancy rate and satisfied tenants.


Risto Mustaniemi Head of Residential Properties Management, Newsec Property Asset Management in Finland +358 40 041 0119