Newsec Property Outlook

Autumn 2020

Fast Forward

In this edition of Newsec Property Outlook, Newsec explores how the spread of Covid-19 is impacting the Nordic property market. One of the conclusions is that the Corona pandemic is enforcing and speeding up many trends.
Five of the key developments that have been accelerated by the Corona pandemic: public properties becoming a top three segment in the entire Nordics, flexibility going global, the revitalization of regional cities, logistics and retail parks merging into one segment and that there is no alternative to property for investors.

Key Insights

  • The transaction volume in the first six months of 2020 in the Nordics and Baltics amounted to EUR 15.9 billion, which is 10 percent weaker than the historical average
  • The volume has mainly been driven by the Swedish market, which accounted for close to 50 percent of the Nordic transaction volume in H1 and 60 percent in Q2, with volumes in line with the Swedish historical average