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Newsec helped the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service find new facilities

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service sought new premises for their operations, where Newsec helped with a tenant representation project resulting in functional and cost-effective facilities in Vehkala, West Vantaa.


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Ville Inkeri

Head of Corporate Real Estate

+358 40 749 5021


Miikka Putto

Associate Director, Corporate Solutions, Newsec Advisory in Finland

+358 40 1931089




Helsinki Metropolitan Area


Finnish Red Cross Blood Service



The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is responsible for supplying human blood products throughout Finland. Operations at Blood Service headquarters include planning the arrangements for blood donation and blood collection, testing donated blood, and producing, storing and distributing blood products to hospitals.

The Blood Service has been operating in the Kivihaka district of Northwest Helsinki since 1972. Changes in operations, equipment and working methods meant that the old premises no longer entirely satisfied the needs of the Blood Service and prevented operational development.

With its lease coming to an end, the Blood Service made an early start in examining its options and partners. Newsec tenant representation prepared a model supporting the aims of the Blood Service in seeking new premises and arranging competitive tendering of leasing terms, with a view to studying both existing and newbuild property options.

We began the tenant representation project by working closely with the client to review its requirements for office and special facilities, and formulating an appropriate space allocation plan on which the search for facilities would be based. It became clear at the initial search stage that the Helsinki Metropolitan Area offered a wealth of options. The Newsec tenant representation team reviewed all of the possible solutions and analysed the findings.

The expertise of Newsec and the clear needs analysis, space allocation plan and technical criteria prepared at the outset enabled effective, transparent and fair competitive tendering between the various options. The outcome was a clear summary and competitive bids that would enable the Blood Service to make an informed final decision.

A specifying plan was then drawn up for the shortlisted properties that further reduced the number of candidates with whom to engage in more detailed negotiations.

Further planning negotiations were jointly conducted with bidders with respect to the shortlisted properties. Newsec tenant representation negotiated the commercial details of the lease. The main aim was to serve the needs of the Blood Service while negotiating the best technical, operational and financial conditions for the lease. The assignment was completed in autumn 2019.

The production, laboratory, logistics and support facilities of the Blood Service will move to new premises of a technically high standard, comprising approximately 7,500 square metres in Vehkala, West Vantaa. The location is ideal for operations, right next to a railway station and close to major trunk roads. The tenant representation project enabled the Blood Service to find functional and cost-effective premises for future operations that focus on staff wellbeing and operational development.

"Newsec's expertise helped us a lot in arranging competitive tendering for premises. It proved particularly useful when comparing the available options and negotiating the lease."

– Katarina Stendahl, CFO, Blood Service

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